Do your new SAT scores help or hurt you?

If you have just received your March SAT scores, you may be feeling a sense of optimism. I hate to be the one to convey a harsh dose of reality, but there’s something you must know…. Your scores appear to be higher than they have in the past, right? That’s because a 700 from the March test is not that same thing as a 700 from the Old SAT. To understand what your scores from the new SAT mean, you’ll need to use the newly released SAT Score Converter: (go to the bottom of the page and enter ALL of the scores from your new report including the 2 digit scores that look like ACT scores). Please unde

Admissions Trends from the Class of 2016.

Admissions Trends for the class of 2016 Now that nearly all of my students have been accepted into one of their top 3 choices (phew!), it is time to reflect upon some of the trends this year….. Trend #1: There are no “sure bets” anymore when it comes to safety schools. Students who seemed overqualified (as evidenced by GPA and SAT/ACT scores) are routinely being waitlisted or even denied at their safety schools. Colleges are more sensitive than ever about their “yields” (the number of students who say “yes” to their offers). As such, the concept of “demonstrated interest” is more important than ever. Trend #2: Institutional need trumps everything. There seems to be no consistency in admi

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