What you need to know about the ACT

Your scores on the ACT help colleges judge how well you have mastered high school content compared to other applicants. Since the test is “standardized,” it helps colleges compare apples with apples. What's Tested on the ACT? The ACT measures the academic knowledge and skills you should have acquired in a standard high school curriculum. It includes four multiple-choice tests: English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science. The entire test is two hours and 55 minutes long. An optional 40-minute writing test may be required by some colleges. The ACT English Test This test measures your mastery of the elements of effective writing. Questions focus on punctuation, grammar and usage, sentence struct

Colleges Care about how you spend your summer. Plan well!

January and February is the time that students begin summer planning. Crafting a meaningful summer means showing colleges you went above and beyond, exemplifying your true passion for learning and showing them how YOU will benefit THEIR community rather than the other way around. For example, if you are clearly the artist/journalist then chances are you will bring your writing and painting skills to college and perhaps major in art history. They get a glimpse of how you will contribute as a student on their campus. Colleges are interested in scholars… colleges ACCEPT scholars. ‘Scholar’ can be defined as a learned person who has profound knowledge of a particular subject. It doesn’t refer

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