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Questions to ask during college tours, visits, and interviews

Academics and faculty


  • What is distinctive about education here?  What is the educational philosophy of the college?  Has it changed much in recent years?

  • What is the most popular major on campus? Why?

  • Do you think that students are generally enthusiastic about their classes?  Do people talk about their courses outside of class?

  • How would you characterize the academic pressure adn workload?

  • Are there research possibilities with the faculty? In which areas?

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of hte advising system?

  • What is the quality of student and faculty relationships? Is the faculty interested in and accessible to students after class? Do faculty members participate in student activities?

  • Are curriculum changes in the works?  How will that affect my college years?

  • Are any departments being cut back or discontinued? If so, why?

  • Are any new programs scheduled for the next four years?


  • How would you characterize the majority of students?

  • From what economic background are the majority of students?

  • Are there clubs, activities, or housing that are minority related?

  • What do students like most about the college? Like least?

  • Has the student government made any real contribution to the school? How do you get into student government?

  • What political, social, or academic issues concerned students last year?  How did the administration react? What was the resolution?

Social life and campus activities

  • What do students do for fun?

  • What is the role of fraternities and sororities on campus? If I didn't want to join, could I have a satisfactory social life?

  • What are the dominant social groups on campus? Do the groups get along with one another? Have there been any problems?

  • What role do team sports play in the social life of the college? What happens on football or basketball weekends? If I didn't want to join in, would I find kindred spirits?

  • Is there a good balance of academics, social life, and extracurricular activities?

  • What were the social or cultural highlights last year?

  • What is the role of the campus newspaper?

  • Is there an alcohol problem, and, if so, how is the college handling it? What is the incidence of binge drinking?  Do students feel safe on campus?

Campus facilities

> Housing and dining:

  • Is there something I should know about housing that would help me in my choice, eventually?

> Activity centers and athletic and recreational facilities:

  • What kinds of facilities does the student center have? Is it a magnet student activities? Are there other hangouts?

  • Is there a fitness center?

Career Counseling

  • At what point may a student begin using the career counseling office?

  • Does the career counseling office assist with internships?

  • Is the career counseling office available to students even after graduation?


  • What have been students' experiences with the library? Are there extended hours during exams and plenty of places to work?

  • Is the library well equipped with computers and copy machines?

The community off campus


  • What is there to do in town?

  • How would I get there?

Access a printable version of these questions here.

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