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Common Interview Questions


While the questions often seem straightforward, it can be difficult to articulate impressive and authentic answers unless you practice. Students are also faced with several challenges as they answer: how do you describe your accomplishments while still being humble? How do you choose which parts of yourself to highlight? How do you craft a memorable "3 minute you"? How do you describe why you want to go to a certain school? Click here to set up an appointment to work on your interview skills.

  • Tell me about your family.

  • What is your favorite subject? Least?

  • Tell me about your school--what do you like, what do you dislike about your school?

  • Tell me about any academic pursuits outside of the classroom. Anything you like to know more about?

  • What activities are the most important to you?

  • Have you had any big disappointments in school or in life thus far?

  • What did you do this past summer?

  • Do you have any hobbies or outside interests?

  • How would your friends describe you, your strengths and weaknesses?

  • If you had an entirely free day, how would you choose to fill the time?

  • Are there any accomplishments you are particularly proud of?

  • Have you read any interesting books lately?

  • What current event has sparked your interest?

  • What outrages you?

  • Why are you interested in applying to XYZ school?

  • What will you contribute to our academic community?

  • How will you add diversity to our campus?

  • Do you have any questions about XYZ School? (it's imperative that you do have questions!)

  • Tell me about yourself (now’s the time to use your  “3 minute you”) [this one seems easy, but it might be the hardest of all—remember, be specific]

  • Why did you choose the major you indicated on your application?




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