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Results & Testimonials

Students who have worked with Monica have been admitted into a variety of schools, including some of the most selective. Ultimately - even beyond the application process and job interviews -  Monica ensures that students are poised to enter their field and equipped to communicate their skill set, experiences, and passions effectively.



Students admitted to:


Monica,  thanks for your guidance and support throughout the college application process. You provided my daughter with excellent advice and well-informed recommendations on colleges to consider that met her criteria and suited her academic profile.  Your framework for building an application essay was particularly helpful.   She was accepted to 10 schools and received generous merit scholarships!

 SI mother of EI

North Atlanta High School 2022


Dear Mrs. James, Applying for summer internships can be overwhelming and it's difficult to know where to start. I benefitted greatly from your guidance when updating my LinkedIn profile and resume, and in writing strong and targeted cover letters. Thanks to your help, Ianded a great summer internship in Analytics for a marketing agency.                                         

N.G.  May 2022


Dear Monica, one of the best decisions I made regarding my children's college preparation and application process was engaging you to guide them along the way. Your knowledge, structure, and expertise led to all three of them being accepted to their first-choice colleges. You certainly made the process easier by helping them brainstorm essays and complete all of their applications on time with a framework that kept us all from becoming stressed during what can otherwise be a very hectic process.  Thank you Monica!

 Amy Goldstein, mother of Jolie, 2022, Will, 2019 and Matthew 2017

Johns Creek High School 


Monica, Thank you for your tremendous guidance & expertise through this process. Kate was quite anxious about this process last summer and your thoughtfulness, calmness and handy advice helped make this whole process much easier.  We greatly appreciate you letting us focus on enjoying Kate’s senior year rather than stressing over essays. 

KB, mother of KG

Pace Academy 2022


Monica, we are thrilled that Austin was accepted to Brown University.  I got to meet the Brown admissions officer who read the Georgia applications and he expressed gratitude that he was able to "see" Austin through his applications.  He did comment on his essays, so thank you for helping with the whole process.

Michelle Reiner mother of Austin Reiner 

Westminster  2022


Hi Monica, I’ve been meaning to write this before now and have no idea where the time has gone. Sam got into Dartmouth early decision, and she is so excited!! Before we had to pull her other applications, we heard from UGA (accepted, Ga Tech (accepted, semifinalist for Stamps Scholar), Tulane (accepted, over $100,000 merit, honors college), Santa Clara (accepted, 4 yr half tuition merit scholarship, honors college), and S. Carolina (accepted, over $85,000 merit scholarship). I am so grateful for the success she had during this very stressful year, and I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance during the past couple of years. I really think her personal essay was fantastic, and you were a huge help with that. I hope you and your family are healthy and well. Thanks again! 


W.H, mother 

S.H Grady High School 2021


Dear Monica,


I am amazed and so happy with Nelson’s results.  He was accepted to Georgia Tech, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Purdue, Northeastern, Wake Forest, George Washington, and Clemson—all for engineering!  He absolutely couldn’t have done it without you!  And he is over the moon about attending Georgia Tech. Thank you so much for all of your help!! I look forward to working with you again for his sister’s applications.


Kira Alford, mother of Nelson Tate

Woodward Academy 2021


Dear Mrs. James, thank you so much in all the ways you helped me. Before I started meeting with you I was very uncertain about how to set myself apart from the competition in the admissions process, but you did just that for me. Every time I finished meeting with you it left me feeling confident that my application would stand out from the rest. Besides the applications, you also gave me great tips and tricks on how to present myself the best way possible. I could not have imagined ever getting into my dream school but now it has become a reality. I had so many great choices: Wake Forest, SMU, Indiana University and the "Innovation Academy" at the University of Florida.  I have chosen U of FL!   Thank you for everything!


Jackson Bailey

Whitefield Academy 2021


Thank you so much for all of your guidance throughout this very stressful process and keeping a sense of calm through this extraordinarily strange year. We could not have managed this without you. Jack met with great success and was ultimately accepted to University of Southern California, UGA, University of Florida,  Penn State and the University of Michigan.  He has chosen University of Michigan to study Economics.    We are so very grateful, thank you! 


D.C., mother of J.C. 

Milton High School 2021


Hi Mrs. James, I wanted to let you know that I got into Northeastern!  Thank you so much for all of your help this year.  I'm so excited and appreciate all that you did for me.  


Maya Steele

Woodward Academy 2021


Dear Monica, Thank you for all of your help!  You have made an overwhelming and nerve racking process manageable and steady for us.  We were thrilled with John's options and his scholarship offers.  It never occurred to us that John might receive merit based awards.  We know that your expertise and insight helped John put forth the best possible applications.  


Susan Amabile, mother of John

Cambridge High School 2021


Hi Mrs. James, I GOT INTO EMORY!! I want to tell you how grateful I am for your guidance and support throughout this process. You are truly amazing! Thank you for everything. Best wishes,

Rebecca Lewyn,

The Weber School 2021


Dear Mrs. James, thank you for all of your help this admissions season! You helped me develop a number of essay ideas that I surely wouldn't have come to myself; all the while, your guidance helped me improve my writing without ever changing my style to better fit some "what colleges are looking for" mold. I felt very confident in my application(s), and I'm so grateful for the tips you gave me about presenting myself on paper and during interviews. You were consistently approachable, available, and excited. I ended up with so many wonderful choices: Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, NYU, UMich, and more! I'm so excited to be attending Columbia this fall! Thank you again. 

Ava Y.,

Grady High School 2021


Dear Mrs. James, I was just accepted to University of Michigan! Go Blue and I'm super excited. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. Absolutely could not have done it without you. 

Naman Miglani

Woodward Academy 2021


Dear Mrs. James, I just wanted to email you and let you know I got into SMU! I am SO beyond excited! Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with throughout this whole process. In my admission letter they even mentioned how much they loved my common app essay ! Thank you so much! 


Jackie Braselton

Woodward Academy 2021


Dear Monica, I just wanted to give you an update.  Emma was just accepted to her first choice college.  That means she was accepted to every college she applied to except one and she is over the moon with happiness.   We are so grateful for your counsel and support.  You really helped us through this process.”  


Holly Hughes, mother of Emma

Woodward Academy 2021


Hi Mrs. James, I wanted to let you know that I got into the University of Virginia! Thank you so much for your help. I truly would have struggled in the process without you. I wanted to thank you for making this stressful process a lot less worrisome and for all your guidance. It really did make a difference.” 


William Mattingly

Woodward Academy 2021


Mrs. James, I got the call yesterday that I’ve been selected as a Cameron Impact Scholar!!  (full ride to Stanford!) Thank you so much for your help and taking the time to speak with me on such short notice - your coaching and guidance were of huge help to me during the interview.” 


Josh Hechtman

Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane Washington 2020


Monica, you have been such an integral and important part of Josh's success in this process.  I am so grateful!  You are the only person who could have ever sparked his Common App essay topic which I believe helped Josh immensely! We are thrilled that he was accepted to Cal Tech among many other universities.  We will let you know how it all ends up!”


Ilene Patrick, mother of Josh Patrick

The Lovett School 2019


Monica, Thank YOU for all you have done for us! We are so pleased with your assistance and feel very confident of the future!”

Lucy Hitt, mother of Will Hitt

Woodward Academy 2020


Dear Monica, We so appreciate all of your expert guidance.  Sarah got into nearly every college she applied to.  We think her essays were pivotal.  The Majors Assessment you gave her was such a great thing to do.  People can't believe she has already zeroed in on becoming a genetics counselor! Thanks again.”

Renee Blackmar, mother of Sarah Blackmar

South Forsyth High School 2019


Dear Mrs. James, Thank you so much for all you did for me!  I am incredibly grateful for all your help.  Before our first session, the college application process overwhelmed me every time I thought about it.  You showed me new schools, tips, and tricks to face the challenges that came my way.  I was so encouraged and energized by all our meetings.  Besides helping me with applications, you offered several writing tips and great advice that I will continue to use.  I am very happy to tell you that I will be attending UGA!”

Nick Neuber

Johns Creek High School 2019


Monica, we are very proud to report that Gabe will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall.  We are all very excited for him and believe the school is a perfect fit.  Thank you again for all of your help.  Neither his mom nor I were very familiar with VT prior to your initial assessment.  Thus, we appreciate your recommendation as well as all of your help along the way.”


Steve Press, father of Gabe Press

Druid Hills High School 2019


I am so glad to have met you as a college counselor and come to know you as a friend. I appreciate that you really took time to know me as a person. You made me feel confident about being myself in front of colleges I was trying so hard to impress. Thank you for helping me curate my story to let my best yet genuine voice shine. Despite the constant stress I felt in the college process, you were able to inspire me when I was having jitters or doubts. There were moments I would even find essay writing enjoyable and helpful in exploring my interests, identity, and aspirations. Once again, enormous thanks for your guidance through this process.”

Sophia Yan

The Lovett School 2019


I can’t thank you enough for not only the help you provided me in presenting myself to colleges, but the way you approached it. You helped me answer questions I was having trouble with without ever making me question whether the voice in my writing was my own. The focus was far less on toying with the substance of my writing and more about helping me see how nearly every essay prompt can be answered simply by talking about the interests I am already passionate about sharing. The only reason you were able to do that was because you took the time to get to know me and what those interests actually are, which I immensely appreciate. I can’t overstate how important this was in boosting my confidence in the applications I ultimately submitted. And while I don’t think I’d ever call the college application process pleasant, your accessibility and quick feedback helped me stay on top of it, avoiding so much of the stress many of my friends faced!”

Dylan Shapiro

The Lovett School 2019


Hi Mrs. James, I wanted to let you know that I got into University of Florida and that's where I'll be going next year. I wanted to say thank you again for your help it was so incredibly helpful now that I'm looking back at it. Everything worked out great and I couldn't be more excited for next year.”

Colton Mays

The Lovett School 2019


Mrs. James,

 I cannot thank you enough for your help throughout this stressful time in my life. You've helped me stay on track, so I wouldn't miss any of my deadlines. Your intelligent words have allowed my brain to stay away from writer’s block. Most importantly, you've helped me understand my strengths and guided me to know what I want to do with my life. I don't know how I would've made it through these past months without you.” 


McKenzie Jacobs

Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, NC, 2018


Dear Monica 


Kate received merit scholarships and admission into several Honors Programs!  She has accepted Wisconsin's offer of admission and will be joining her brother there.  Thank you so much for all of your help and advice.  You really made the back t back college admission process quite manageable for our family.” 


Beth Konieczka, mother of Kate and Jake

Johns Creek Highschool 2017, 2018


Dear Mrs. James,

I wanted to let you know that thanks to your preparation, my interview went so well and I have just been accepted into my first choice program for Occupational Therapy at UAB.  Thank you so much for all of your help.  I'm so excited!”

Rhett Alby

University of Georgia Honors, 2018


Monica,  We so appreciate all your help and guidance and for making time for Aidan last minute!!!!! Aidan s so proud of all her essays and I️ love that for her. You helped turn this process around into a very positive experience- thank you!!! We will let you know."

Ann Marie, mother of Aidan W.

Holy Spirit Prep, 2018


Hi Mrs. James!  I just wanted to let you know that I got into GW's school of media and public affairs, and they gave me the presidential scholarship ($22,000 a year!)!! Recently, I also got a letter from SMU saying I was accepted into their honors college. Lastly, I got accepted to Bucknell!  I have so many amazing options and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help through this process. I am beyond thrilled and proud of where I have been accepted and so excited to choose from these amazing schools! Now is the hard part: making the decision!!”


Daly Gryboski

Woodward Academy, 2017


Hi Mrs. James, I am elated to tell you that I just received my acceptance letter to Georgetown!! :) Thank you for all of your help and guidance;

your input made my essays the best they could be!  Also, there were 22 students in my class who applied Early Action.  I was one of only two accepted!"


Private school in Atherton, CA, 2017


Monica - where do I begin?!  You have now guided both of our boys through the grueling college application and interview process with incredible results.  Drew is thriving as a sophomore at SMU in the Lyle School of Engineering.  And Will, not quite finished with the process yet, has so far been accepted to the engineering schools at UGA, Clemson (out-of-state scholarship offer), SMU ($136,000 merit scholarship offer) and now Georgia Tech!  We are beyond thrilled with the results, and he will no doubt receive more offers this spring.  Couldn't have done it without you!  Your knowledge is invaluable.”

Nola Stull, Parent

Woodward Academy 2017


Monica, thank you so much for helping our family through this stressful process.  You are truly talented and kind--we don't know what we would have done without you!  Thank you!”


Stacey, Doug and Danielle Nelson

Johns Creek High School 2016


Hi Monica, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Lauren's college applications.  Not sure what we would have done without you!  I have two more students coming your way in a few years!”

Jackie Greene, Parent

Woodward Academy 2016


I am a college junior who recently went through the corporate recruitment process. In preparation for the interviews, I met with Mrs. James twice during winter break. She helped me try to anticipate the types of questions an interviewer might ask. Based on these questions, we developed solid answers that emphasized my strengths. After two sessions with Mrs. James I felt well prepared for an official interview. I ultimately interviewed with two firms, both of which extended me an offer. I have since accepted an offer to work as a 2015 Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Thank you Mrs. James for helping me get this incredible opportunity!”


Dartmouth 2016


Dear Mrs. James, I cannot thank you enough for your help with interview techniques, my interests, cover letters, etc. You are a professional at what you do, and I truly believe our meetings helped me improve immensely in interviews.”


Lindsay Hall

April 2015


Dear Mrs. James, I wanted to update you on my graduate school situation.  I got into all four schools that I applied to, and after going to visit all of them decided to go to NYU!  I am very excited for this next chapter of my life to begin.  Thank you again for all of your help getting me there.”

Lauren A.

Art History Major 2015


Dear Monica, Thank you for your help throughout this process.  Our daughter has benefited so much from your help with her essays, applications, and interview skills.  We truly value and appreciate your input beyond measure.  We have been humbled and honored with all of the results!”


Parents, Jackson Elementary 2015

Accepted into all three of her top schools


Monica, thank you so much for guiding our son through the application – essay - interview gauntlet during his senior year.  Your insights and the relationship you formed with him were invaluable, and the result – a wonderful scholarship as an Emory Scholar (full tuition, room and board) speaks for itself!”

Parents of Student

The Westminister Schools 2015


Monica, I'm very happy to let you know that N.G. was accepted to SMU with a great scholarship ($96,000) and he was also accepted to Georgia Tech and the Honors Program at UGA.  Thanks for all you did for him.  Coming to you was the best decision!”


Parent, Brookwood Highschool 2015


I've actually had incredible luck with my schools.  I've been accepted to UGA, Wofford, Furman, UVA, UNC, University of Miami and the Tisch School at NYU.  Thank you again for all of your help; there is no way I could have done it without you.”

Erica Marie Sanchez

Senior, The Westminster Schools 2014


Monica, Charlie was accepted to all three schools: Westminster, Lovett and Holy Innocents. Thank you for your help!”

Charles Conklin

Parent, Jackson Elementary 2014


Mrs. James,  I just wanted to let you know that I was officially offered a summer internship position at CBRE today!​ It is the one that I really wanted and I am so happy that they officially offered. Once again thank you so much for helping me prepare for that interview. I believe that one session with you truly did make a tremendous impact on my interview. I'll be sure to spread the word that if you want a job, go see Mrs. James!”

William Lingenfelter

UGA, Terry College of Business 2015


Monica, we wanted to let you know that both our son and daughter were accepted to Westminster.  Thank you for your help with the interview preparation.  You certainly gave them confidence going into the school visits.”

Brian Z.

Parent of elementary school students


I was just awarded the Foundation Fellowship at UGA!  My interview preparation with you helped me feel so confident going into that final round of interviews.  I felt completely assured and you helped put all my fears to rest about interviewing and gave me confidence that I never had before. Thank you!”

Kal Golde

Pace Academy, UGA Foundation Fellow


Mrs. James, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with my applications! I was accepted to every college I applied to including my reach school, Tulane!  Thanks again!”


Rachel Dodson

Senior, Woodward Academy


My daughter was accepted to every college she applied to!  We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for squeezing her in as a client at the last minute. You made everything so easy.”


Elizabeth Schaefer

Parent of a Senior, Woodward Academy


I want to say thank you again! I was looking at some supplementary essays from colleges I was thinking about and some of the questions pulled in a lot of the things we talked about. I feel a lot more at ease because I have many ideas now.”



Bishop Kenny High School, Jacksonville, FL


Thank you so much for your help with her interviews, helping her to come up with good essay topics, and generally working with her to increase her self-confidence. I am sure all of that was part of the reason she had a 100% success rate!”


Nancy W.

Parent of Senior, Woodward Academy


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to help me! I got into Virginia!! I'm not sure if you remember, but this was my first choice so I am very excited! Thanks again!”


Kelly McGonnigle

Student, Pace Academy


Interview training eased me into the process by giving me a sense of what the colleges were looking for, what kind of questions would be asked, and how to answer them completely but concisely.”

Sarah Russell

Graduate 2009, The Westminster Schools


Mrs. James’ instruction enabled me to walk into my Dartmouth interview with confidence. I was well equipped to answer both basic and 'scary' questions in an appropriate and engaging manner. I am now an admitted Dartmouth student and know my new-found interview skills will help me succeed in college and the work world.”

Claire B.

The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA


My son was accepted to his first choice. He said the interview was much harder than he expected, but he felt well prepared.”

Mary M.

Macon, GA


Thank you so much! We are so pleased with how much you have helped this process remain calm and productive. I keep recommending you to others.”


Kathy Herman

Parent of a Lovett School student, Atlanta, GA


Thanks for everything you’ve done to help give her confidence and solidify her thoughts.”

Pam M.

Parent of a Pace Senior


When I first began the job interview process I was nervous, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mrs. James really helped me walk through my resume and gave me great advice on how to best answer specific questions. Now I feel more confident and ready before going into a job interview.”

Bissell Pendergrast

UGA graduate


Monica, I wanted to reach out now that the college search process is completed to say again how grateful we are for your expert guidance and work with Colin.  Your work with him allowed us to be spectators for the most part and really enjoy watching the process – from setting expectations, essay writing and meeting deadlines, with you he was always “on it.”  You allowed the true Colin to shine through and when we started the journey, we never could have imagined him being accepted ED 1 at UChicago.  He is obviously thrilled beyond words, so thank you again for everything you did for Colin and our family!

Lori & Raymond Sheley, parents of Colin

Lovett School 2022

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